Significant expertise on the financial and management implementation of your EU funded project.

EUGMC specializes in helping organizations in the complex and challenging environment of EU/ EC funding, develop strategies to mitigate risks identified in your project’s implementation both financial and operational and conduct a winning application. In a competitive landscape within a dynamic, complex, regulatory environment it is vital to think and act proactively, plan ahead and act in a pragmatic and effective way. EUGMC possesses the experience to guide you successfully through this landscape.

Our Experience

Horizon 2020
Horizon 2020 is the EU funding programme for research and innovationis running from 2014 to 2020 with a €80 billion budget. We have already assisted more than 65 different projects where we have provided our assistance in financial and compliance aspects of the grants provided, including 10 FP7 projects.

EIC Accelerator is the most prestigious programme of Horizon Europe, offering total funding of €1.13 billion (2020-2027). Our team has been involved in > 50 projects from multiple countries and industries. We have a success rate of: >90% in Step 1 (vs. 60% in EU), >50% in Step 2 (invited to Step 3 – f2f interview; vs. 20-25% in EU) and ~30% in getting the grant (vs. 8% in EU). Combined we have managed to raise a total funding of >€30mn for our clients (€9mn Grant + €22mn equity).

Previously called DG Home & Justice. We have performed more than 20 projects, where EUGMC employees have provided their services to the Directorate General.
Previously called EuropeAid, where we have provided financial and compliance assistance to 42 different projects under the current DG and the previous name. The work has been performed in several geographical locations (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia).
Horizon Europe
Horizon Europe is the research and innovation framework programme running from 2021-2027 with proposed budget of 94.1 billion euro. We have already implemented 63 Different Projects of RTD Related (SESAR – IMI – H2020 – FP7; EIT – HEurope) in 22 Different Countries.
We have performed 7 engagements working as external auditors for the Directorate General, for engagements in different geographical locations (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia).
We have also provided financial and compliance services to other Donor Funded projects, such as grants given by UNHCR, DfiD & Interreg.

Our Testimonials

A big thank you to the EUGMC team who accompanied us all through this complex EIC process. We found them extremely dedicated, reactive and thoughtful.

Stephane Piat
CEO, Carmat

The EUGMC team has been instrumental in allowing us to get a blended financing of up to €17.5m. The EIC process can be daunting and time-consuming so you want to reduce the burden on your team while avoiding the numerous pitfalls and maximizing your chances to be successful. EUGMC was the perfect partner for this and we really appreciated working with them.

Pascale d’Arbonneau
CFO, Carmat

The extensive knowledge of the grant’s financial background became reality after 7 years of working exclusively as external auditors for the EC. By working in a variety of EU funding schemes, we can contribute to a more robust financial understanding concerning the requirements needed for a successful implementation of the project.

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