Business Consultation & Auditing on EU Funding

Our Services

Proposal Writing & Management

Our services extend throughout the entire application process, including the preparation of all written documents as well as the submission of the proposal application through the relevant Portal.

On top of writing services, EUGMC offers support services regarding:

Company Assessment: An in-depth assessment of the applicant company or project is offered by EUGMC, on being eligible for the EIC Accelerator programme.

Consultancy services: (i) Project review (feedback and writing tips for ongoing applications) for companies that want to submit on their own; (ii) Edition of proposals that have received a rejection and want to resubmit.

Project Development & Strategy Planning: Support for the development and refinement of a commercial strategy, revenue model, budget or concrete work packages are offered for applicants who want to improve their projects success chances.

Financial Management

Through our experience, as external auditors for the past 8 years, EUGMC has identified and successfully implemented the following services to several Participants and Coordinators in EU funded projects. More specifically, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Prepare and submit financial reports for H2020 projects to the European Commission accurately and within deadlines.
  • Support of claims submission, manage the relevant processes, including, but not limited to, review of expense reports, timesheets, subcontracting, other direct costs, etc.
  • Provide information and communications about how to cost and manage the budgets of research grants.
  • Provide accurate management information related to research finance for the project managers and for the senior management team.
  • Ensure accuracy and comply with requirements of any audits.
  • Provide efficient maintenance of financial and expense records related to funding claims.
  • Possibility of seconding staff to clients for financial monitoring and daily implementation of the action.

Risk Management

From our experience as external auditors for the last 8 years, EUGMC has developed a unique procedure to identify risks and suggest corrective actions is order to mitigate the risk of project’s unsuccessful implementation. The procedure is based on the following principals:

  • Identify the major elements in managing project risk.
  • Mapping the processes for identifying project risk.
  • Describe the processes for evaluating risk.
  • Suggest actions for mitigating risk in the processes.

Audit File Preparation

From our experience as external auditors for the last 8 years, EUGMC employees can provide the service of liaising with the financial team of the organisation to prepare the entity for the audit.

Certificates financial statements (CFS)

In order to provide one-stop-services to the clients, EUGMC through our extended network is in partnership with an experienced auditor (more than 20 years) in the field of audit services for EU funded projects.

EC Post – Audit Representation

We offer services in order to defend your organisation towards the results of the draft audit report. Tackle the findings identified in the draft audit report and propose changes within your organisation after the audit recommendations.

Other Services

Other than the aforementioned services, we are willing to discuss with you in order to examine other services that you would like to request an offer from EUGMC.

  • Courses to your organisation’s employees in order to train them for your project’s financial implementation.
  • Review and re-design of systems and procedures.
  • Administrative management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a European Funding Scheme?
European Commission (EC) is one of the biggest grant provider in the world. There are several schemes funded by the EC. Please see in the following link more information about the actions, projects and requirements .
Funding Information
Which are the clients of EUGMC?
We are addressing our services to Entities and Organisations that are already participating in a EC funded project and more specifically, in a project of the following actions, where our expertise is focused.
FP7, H2020, Erasmus (ITN, IF, RISE), EIT (Climate- Kic, Food, InnoEnergy, Health and Raw Materials), DG Migration and Home Affairs (AMIF, ISEC, EBF, ISF), EuropeAid (DCI Asia, EDF, ENPI, Budget, NEAR), IMI JU, SESAR JU, Interreg IV and Interreg IV C.
Am I a potential client of EUGMC?
We, as EUGMC, focus on specific areas of the project’s implementation. We are willing to reply all your questions and elaborate on the services we offer. Please feel free to contact us here
What will be the added value by collaborating with EUGMC?
The employees of EUGMC, have gained their experience in the fieldwork by auditing a lot of different projects from different funding schemes, as external auditors assigned by the European Commission. We therefore, have the expertise and the professional competence to recognise and eliminate the risks of the project’s implementation. Our knowledge of the complex and simple financial aspects surrounding your project is extensive and sufficient in order to verify that the project will safeguard its implementation. To know us better click here .

The extensive knowledge of the grant’s financial background became reality after 7 years of working exclusively as external auditors for the EC. By working in a variety of EU funding schemes, we can contribute to a more robust financial understanding concerning the requirements needed for a successful implementation of the project.

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